3 responses to “Epimedium acuminatum”

  1. Daniel Mosquin

    Beverley Merryfield of the Vancouver Hardy Plant Group sent me an email as followup to this post. Darrell Probst, a noted Epimedium expert, will also be presenting during the study weekend. Although the study weekend is waiting list only, if you are keenly interested in these plants and live in the Pacific Northwest, Darrell will be giving a slideshow at Heronswood Nursery during Heronswood’s days devoted to “Fairy Wings and Wake Robins” (link to Heronswood events page).

  2. Agnes Villalobos

    They look like tiny orchids…is there a family connection?

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Agnes – no, they would be very, very distantly related. If you use the classical dissection of grouping plants into monocots and dicots, these are dicots while orchids are monocots.

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