8 responses to “Porophyllum linaria”

  1. Denis Dooley

    Well, we appear to share at least one gene, Daniel.

    That is quite a striking shade of indigo.

  2. Sue Frisch

    lues are very difficult to capture…is that a true color? Whether it is or isn’t, it’s really nice.

  3. Susanne

    didn’t know there was a gene for cilantro soap,ha!

  4. Anna

    When I first tried it, and the next dozen or so times after that, I also thought cilantro tasted like soap. Being a determined “chef”, I found that I just couldn’t leave cilantro out of every dish that called for it, so I just used it in smaller quantities than called for in the recipes. Today, I enjoy cilantro regularly (in normal quantities) and I can no longer understand why I ever thought it tasted like soap. I guess I can say that cilantro grows on you : )

  5. Scott Dilatush

    Me thinks this plant needs a huge red-orange boulder behind it to make it pop for photography. That or a silvered out dead tree laying on it’s side.

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