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Dalles Mountain Road

Dalles Mountain Road
Dalles Mountain Road
Dalles Mountain Road
Dalles Mountain Road

Here are several photographs from this past weekend's trip to the Columbia Gorge area east of Portland, Oregon. To read more about the taxonomically-difficult Columbia Gorge lupine, see this entry on "Lupinus onustus" from 2007. The name still doesn't seem to be resolved seven years later. For example, the Oregon Flora Atlas uses Lupinus latifolius × Lupinus sericeus, as does Paul Slichter, but the Burke Museum uses Lupinus latifolius var. thompsonianus. The Balsamorhiza is a slightly less difficult to identify and name properly, though Paul Slichter describes some of the challenges with these as well in his Balsamroots of the Columbia Gorge page. I'm fairly confident that the ones in the close-up photo are of Balsamorhiza deltoidea, though I am now less certain about my identification in this 2007 entry.

And, I photographed the Easter Bunny.


That is an amazing sight.

The photos on your site are always spectacular and the Easter Bunny was a special touch this time. :-)

Incredible spirit lifting images of Spring.
Thank you for sharing them Daniel

Amazing photos, Daniel. Striking and memorable. I thought I had seen the best of the bluebonnets in the Hill Country of Texas - now I'm not so sure!

Easter is a dangerous time for bunnies, especially chocolate ones!

These photos remind me of the several times that I had the pleasure to have had Russ Jolley as a guide for many of the Native Plant Society of Oregon hikes I went on when I was active in that group.

The Dalles Mountain road is very close to my childhood ranch home. It is a special area, and I, too, have been with Russ Jolley on this trek years ago. Betty Bahn

Thanks for posting the four images. The strip of them on the sidebar looks fabulous.

When I've seen Balsamroot and Lupines, it's been mid-summer near Mt. Baker in Washington. That combination is hard to beat.

Marvelous images - thank you. I have never seen Balsamroot and Lupine in combination before; we have areas of abundant Balsamorhiza sagittata in our region (interior BC/Cariboo-Chilcotin) but the range does not seem to overlap with our own lupines, which seem to prefer moister habitats than those populated by the "sunflowers", as our Balsamroot is referred to by local residents.

The Easter bunny looks a little bit worried! As perhaps he should... ;-)

Thank you for lifting my spirits with these wonderful colors

Breathtaking photos, reminds me of time spent in the Okanogan Highlands, Molson, WA.

On Dalles Mt Rd yesterday (memorial day 2014). The wild flowers are not as spectacular as shown in your images but still quite lovely. WhAt a great 11 mile stretch to the Dalles. I still got some good shots!

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