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Ipomoea pileata

Ipomoea pileata

Another entry from Taisha today:

Today's picture is of Ipomoea pileata. Thank you to a regular contributor to the Botany Photo of the Day Pool, Bart Wursten (aka zimbart@Flickr). This photo was taken on April 30, 2013 in Gorongosa National Park, which is in Mozambique's Sofala Province.

The large boat-shaped bracts of Ipomoea pileata are what caught my eye-- the pink (to white) funnel-shaped flowers just pop right out. This species is an annual or perennial twining herb with ovate leaves that are cordate, or heart-shaped, at the base. The stem can reach up to 3 meters long and grows from a thick taproot.

This species is in the Convolvulaceae, or the morning-glory family. The genus Ipomoea is the largest within the family, with over 500 species. A familiar member in this genus is Ipomoea batatas or the sweet potato. For additional reading, see some previous BPotD entries on Ipomoea: Ipomoea longifolia, Ipomoea stans, Ipomoea batatas cultivars and Ipomoea purpurea 'Star of Yelta'.


What an amazing looking flower! Nature is wonderful.

Trop loin pour aller photographier cette petite merveille.!!!!!

Too far to photograph this little wonder.!!

Absolutely delightful!

Another unusual and totally charming flower.

Thanks so much!

This plant is fascinating. So is the photographer's life!

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