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Echinopsis huascha

Echinopsis huascha

An entry written by Katherine today:

Today's photo of Echinopsis huascha was taken by James Gaither (J.G. in S.F.@Flickr) in July after a heavy fog, at the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley.

Since Echinopsis comes from the Greek word echinos meaning "hedgehog" and opsis meaning "like", members of this genus are known as hedgehog cacti. Other common names include sea urchin cacti (sea urchins are echinoids / echinoderms) and Easter-lily cactus. Echinopsis huascha is specifically known as red torch cactus or desert's blooming jewel (in English). provides an extensive list of synonyms for Echinopsis huascha and photos to assist in identification.

Echinopsis huascha can grow up to 0.90m (3ft) with stems 5-8cm in diameter (2-3.2in). The flowers form near stem tips, and are 7-10cm (3.9in) long and 6-7cm (2.4-2.8in) in diameter. Flowers are usually red, but may also be orange (as shown) or yellow. Echinopsis huascha can grow in USDA zones 9 and 10, with plants hardy to temperatures of -10°C (15°F). The species requires sandy or gravelly soil with full sun. Like many cacti, it has low water requirements: very little water is needed during the summer, and none during winter.

Echinopsis huascha is native to northwestern Argentina, but is cultivated worldwide in areas with suitable habitat, possibly due in part to it being sold as a potted plant.


That is an amazing flower! And an excellent photo.

Breathtaking photo of a gorgeous flower-- perfect shot for Halloween! Thanks.

Gorgeous pumpkin colored flower with a scarey looking "spider in the middle!

No, really- this is a lovely photo.

WOW!! Just the perfect morning pick-me-upper. Thanks, Guys!

Love it's shape, color and dewy covered softness quality for a cactus bloom!

thank you wonderul color and closeup i do enjoy our bot a day

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