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  1. Sue Webster

    Great pictures, another reason for living in Perth, unfortunately I don’t!

  2. Calochilus

    Although my Beaucarnea is the only one I know of growing outside in Canberra (US Zone 9) and I can confidently plan on buying a larger pot but I doubt it will ever reach the size of this one.

  3. Eric Simpson

    Daniel, re: paintbrushes,
    I had an ink-brush painting teacher once whose favorite brush (I kid you not) had a core of badger fur surrounded by a shorter fringe of snow leopard fur (collected non-lethally).
    As to the plant: very odd and very cool. I’ve met a few over the years here in north coastal San Diego County, and I always find something Seussian about them – appropriate, as Ted Geisel was a local. Actually, the photos look like they could have been taken of some local landscaping. I think I’d like Perth.

  4. Lynne

    What is in that bin in the last photo?

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    would you just look at her
    with her hair freshly done
    and graceful plumes for
    back yard party time
    third image there is a big white
    planter with a tall growing plant
    on what maybe a porch of some kind
    some one knows i hope
    thank you

  6. Joe

    Lynne, I would imagine they are seeds. The photos above appear to me (as someone who is not familiar with this species) to be depicting early flowering, fruiting, post-fruiting, and seeds, respectively. Judging by the shape, size, and imagined weight, I would guess the plant is wind-dispersed (utilizes anemochory).
    On another note, thank you Conner for that description of the secondary thickening meristem. I’ve always been puzzled by the fact that adult palms obviously have much larger girth than juveniles despite monocots not having “any” secondary meristem. Maybe then you can explain to me how “walking palms” (genus Socratea) manage to “create” root meristems out of (what seems to be) regular vascular tissues that literally burst through the bark before their descent to the ground. I can see how adventitious roots might form in dicots (many Ficus for example) from vascular cambia, but the monocots still have me puzzled. Any ideas?

  7. Debbie Ham

    1st photo and 3rd photo are the same pony tail, first taken when heads containing flowers just emerging (dec 2007) and 2nd after flowers had all fallen off heads (Feb 2008).
    2nd photo is a different pony tail in back yard that has large heads containing seeds only (no flowers). Last photo is box containing seeds I took from heads when I cut heads off. I am not sure of correct terminology when I refer to heads. Each one is about 2-3ft long.
    3rd Picture also includes a Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis). At least thats what I think it is and it is in a garden bed away from the house (luckily as didn’t really expect it to end up this big).

  8. lH Morrison

    the email to a friend field at bottom of page seems corrupted; i tried to do just that and my friend received a link having nothing to do with this page but rather to a sketchy webpage called sixapart moveable type. something fishy there.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Hello IH,
    I just used it and sent it to a different email address of mine – and it worked as expected, like so:
    daniel.mosquinno@spamubc.ca has sent you a link!
    Title: Beaucarnea recurvata
    Link: http://botanyphoto.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/2008/03/beaucarnea_recurvata.php

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    The last bit about Movable Type and sixapart.com is the weblog software used for Botany Photo of the Day. It’s ok that it’s there.

  10. Joe

    Thanks Debbie! And I think when you say “heads”, the term you’re looking for is “inflorescence” when it has flowers and “infructescence” when it has fruits. But I don’t think anybody would misunderstand if you just say heads. (probably more would get confused by the “proper” term in the general public anyways).

  11. Stan

    I have one planted in 1992 here in the San Francisco bay area that has flowered and is about 9′ tall with a base about 4′ wide.The more water they get the better they look.I think recurvata is not a desert Beaucarnea species but a wet dry rainforest species.Other Beaucarnea/Nolina species are true tropical desert plants.One,is native to the deserts of SouCal,although not a trunking plant.
    How funny to see the same tropicalia in the photos growing here(palms and all) and right now it’s 48f outside!

  12. ron

    hi i have a few question ifyou can help ive got a ponytail with a base of about 1 metre. what iwould like to know is how i can move it if possible or can i top it to restrict height growth. i dont want to destroy it. but i have to either move it or top it
    thanks ron

  13. Jane

    In the last bin are petals – I know because I have 3 of these plants in my front yard in San Diego, California and they bloomed for the first time this year (I’ve lived here 12 years). Totally amazing, one does have two stalks, the other two are single stalked. They are in the middle of my lawn, get watered regularly and just keep on going very slowly! The flowers have lasted months now, very, very interesting!

  14. John

    I am from FIJI and have a beaucarnea recurvata growing in front of my house. It was growing in a small pot and eight years ago I planted it in the ground and is now quite big. As you may know Fiji is in the South Pacific and is a tropical island.
    I have seen a larger plant than mine.
    I am sure both plants were brought in by Expatriates as it is very uncommon in our country.
    It have never flowered.
    Is there a possibility of obtaining seeds?
    From australia or anywhere else.
    Thanks and warm regards from FIJI

  15. Carol

    I have had a Beaucarnia for 32 years. I got it as a housewarming houseplant gift in my first apt in Los Angeles, after college. Toted it around as an indoor plant in a 12″ pot for approx 15 years, and then put it in a much larger pot outdoors. Nine years later repotted once more to an even larger pot (at least 24 inches). It didn’t really outgrow the first outdoor pot, although there was only about an inch of space between it and the rim. The pot got cracked in a move so I decide to give the palm a treat and some more room. I have followed recommendations, and water it very rarely, usually only in summer months since we get so little rain in southern California. Just got back from a 2 week vacation to discover a weird stalk growing out of the top! It must be my first flowers! Searched on the web and found this site, and I am VERY excited to see what is going to happen to my palm!!!

  16. ali

    do you have Beaucarnea recurvata seed now,

  17. Liége Araújo Sant'Anna

    Gostaria de informações sobre como polinizar plantas fêmeas de Beucarnea, tendo 20 fêmeas e apenas uma planta macho??

  18. unnikrishnan

    Hi.It was by sheer luck that I landed here.Superb photo of my favourite plant.Mine is only a puny one with a girth of hardly three inches and taking a long time to grow.I may not see the plant in flower as I am already sixty five plus.Anyway I am glad you showed me beautiful photoes.If I had a camera I would have sent you a photo of my plant.Thank oyu.

  19. Wayne

    Hi. Im near the coast in central Queensland and have 3 very healthy ponytails growing in an open well mulched and watered garden area. One has several new shoots growing from its trunk area, can they be removed and replanted? If so how do i go about it. Thanks Wayne

  20. Annalize Oosthuizen

    I have a ponytail here in South Africa is is around 10 years old and had never flower. In is planted where in have morning sun and shade in the afternoon. We have sandy loos soil and the tree is been sprayed via sprinkles every second day from the bore whole “earth water” and the water is draining quickly.
    Can you perhaps tell me why have my tree never flower?

  21. birdie

    all the hanging leaves fell off.does it have a discease or could it be from the 30 degrees we had thank you

  22. a sturdee

    Mine is 17 years old. Always inside in my polycarbon roofed studio – so hot hot especially in summer. In a big deepish pot. Fat bulb 20cms or more more like 25cms. Tall and thin and wavy stemmed – a metre and a half. Suddenly after looking limp at the top – it has sprouted it’s long stem of little packed flowers. Am so thrilled. Your photographs were quite lovely. From Cape Town South Africa.

  23. Mark

    I remember I bought one around 5 years ago for 10eur 170cm tall, chubby base long tronk and very very bad looking foliage.Flower Markt Amsterdam. The owner uslly sells them for about 50/80eur. Mine Beaucarnea Recurvita is still with me now and is now merveilleux. The Tip of each leaf when comes out is dried already hoewer grows green and in 3monts the 30/40cm green leaf drops form an asparagus full of yuong leaves, funny whay to make leaves. I am curous to see how tall it can grow. How long do this plant live?
    Thank you all

  24. Dena Blair

    I have a Beaucarnia recurvata that I paid $70.00 for at Mt. San Antonio college in So.California approx. 10 yrs. ago and it is in bloom. It has one large flower stock sticking out of the top. How many seeds might this produce and how do I propogate them?

  25. hasani

    do you have seeds now
    what is price?

  26. Mimi Bulgaria

    Help!Pleace seed beaucarnea recurvata?

  27. Sourav

    can you supply me beaucarnea recurvata seeds??

  28. Jesús Martínez De Rafael

    Hola, soy de Emiliano Zapata, Veracruz, México!!
    Tengo una bolsa con semillas de Beaucarnea y he intentado cultivar pero no he tenido éxito. ojalá pudieran asesorarme para lograrlo y preservar esta especie tan bella.
    Estoy por recibirme con el Título de Químico Clínico y me gusta mucho la botánica.
    Saludos coordiales!!

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