7 responses to “Montanoa hibiscifolia”

  1. Eric Simpson

    I looked at the Hawaiian photos, and I don’t see the Hibiscus similarity. All the Hibiscus I can remember seeing had simple, entire, dentate leaves, certainly not the deeply lobed leaves shown for the tree-daisy.

  2. Joe

    8m! Somehow i just don’t believe it.

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Compare with images of Hibiscus esculentus

  4. fotrristi

    The difference between the species in Asteraceae will never stop to amaze me…..

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    wonders never cease now do they

  6. Don Fenton

    I have been, from time to time a horticulturalist, working over much of Australia. “Anzac Flower” is a designation that I have never come across, for this or any other plant.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

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