3 responses to “Verbesina serrata”

  1. Anthony

    Thanks for the link to Earth Portal.

  2. Joe

    Another cool web resource that I’ve found very useful is http://tolweb.org/ or the Tree of Life web project. The only problem is that although it seems to be fantastic for animals, it is SEVERELY lacking in the plant department (it doesnt have an Asteraceae page yet). The pages that it does have, however, are pretty full of life history, phylogeny, and some dichotomous ID type information. Its description is as follows: “The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists from around the world. On more than 5000 World Wide Web pages, the project provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history (phylogeny), and characteristics.”

  3. Maureen

    lovely photo, David. I love seeing the various stages of blossoming in one image. Also, thanks for the link to Earth Portal, Daniel. Interesting. And useful.

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