5 responses to “Erythrina stricta var. suberosa”

  1. van

    Just a gorgeous photo! I like this species of Erythrina – the upright blossoms in particular.

  2. b

    Wow, incredible! How big are the flowers?

  3. fotrristi

    WOW!! What a fantastic colour!! Beautiful photo.
    A new species for me – always interesting!

  4. Dinesh Valke

    Inspiring and encouraging for amateurs like me to get it UBCBG “Botany Photo of the day” !!
    Thanks very much, Daniel.

    Thanks Van, thanks fotristi for your appreciation.

  5. sakthi

    Excellent photos!!Even better link,Thanks Daniel and Dinesh..This flower is called as “Dhol-Dak” in Hindhi and “mullumurukku” in Tamil…

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