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  1. Guy Webb

    I am facinated with today’s photo and am curious to know if the Puya santosii is suited to grow in the Montecito (Santa Barbara, California) area. The bromliad gardens at Lotusland (Lotusland.org) would certainly benifit from the addition of this beauty. Any one know?

  2. Elizabeth

    What a ferouciously stunning flowering bromeliad! I love the way the textures contrast. All so muted, yet with the bright yellow sex… It’s the most wild flower I’ve seen in a while! Thanks!

  3. Ryan

    Yes, I believe this species of bromeliad can be grown in Santa Barbara. I grow one of the larger species of Puya, and I am in Ventura County. The Huntington Botanical garden has a wonderful collection of large Puya that have eight foot tall flower stems covered in turqoise flowers.

  4. Rachel Jabaily

    This is actually Puya lineata, and the only photo of the plant in flower I have ever seen! (I am finishing a PhD on Puya and collected extensively in Colombia) This species is found at lower elevations and in drier places than P.santosii, which is found exclusively in the high-elevation páramo. Beautiful!!

  5. puya

    puya-sus pe bar

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