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Hesperantha coccinea

Hesperantha coccinea

A shot of colour today from two months ago.

Names galore for this species. The long-standing scientific name Schizostylis coccinea has been dropped by many in favour of Hesperantha coccinea. Eric La Fountaine cites the relevant papers here, while a quick summary of the rationale behind the name change is available from the Pacific Bulb Society's mailing list archives.

The common name is also the subject of some disagreement. The South African National Biodiversity Institute uses river lily. Similarly, the Pacific Bulb Society prefers scarlet river lily. On the other hand, Wikipedia notes Kaffir lily as a common name; personally, I'd avoid this, now that I've learned how kaffir is an ethnic slur.

Art resource link: While at an art supply store on the weekend, I noticed a poster advertising an upcoming art show and sale by local painter Rachel Daws. Visit the paintings and recent work to jump straight in.


Hello Daniel, I'm suprised Wikipedia cites Kaffir Lily for Schizostylis as I thought it was the common name for Clivia. Another glorious picture - your dedication is appreciated!

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