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February 16, 2016: Botany Photo of the Day will return this spring with a new format similar to the new UBC Botanical Garden web site. In the meantime, please enjoy the restored content!

Lower Nicola Valley

Lower Nicola Valley

I spent part of last weekend breathing in smoke and ash from the Tatoosh and Tripod wildfires while on a trip to British Columbia's Southern Interior. Haze can create exceptional light and shadows or transform landscapes into unique scenes. Although I didn't take full advantage of the photographic opportunities (the weekend wasn't dedicated to photography), I did manage to take a few pictures to share.

The area where this photograph was taken is approximately 95km (60mi) north of the Tatoosh fire. Although I associate this type of scene with the narrow slice of time post-sunset or pre-sunrise, it was actually taken an hour before sunset.

To add a botanical element to today's entry, I suggest reading about the ecology of fire from Wikipedia.

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Would make a beautiful watercolour painting; though, sadly, it is based on a waterless condition.

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