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February 16, 2016: Botany Photo of the Day will return this spring with a new format similar to the new UBC Botanical Garden web site. In the meantime, please enjoy the restored content!

Sisyrinchium montanum

Sisyrinchium montanum

My recent trip to Manitoba didn't have much time available for photography, though I did manage to sneak in a few hours on one day before a thunderstorm and downpour ended that day's venture.

Blue-eyed grass, or, as the USDA PLANTS database suggests, strict blue-eyed grass, is native to much of central and northern North America. Of course, it is not a true grass, as evidenced by the flowers with tepals (grass flower morphology is a topic for another day!).

As I've previously mentioned on BPotD, the distribution maps in the Flora of North America are superior to the maps supplied by the USDA PLANTS site if you want to know more about the plant than merely presence or absence in a jurisdiction; see the Flora of North America account for the species and its distribution map in particular.

A gardening perspective on this plant is available from Nature North, while Wikipedia's account for the genus, Sisyrinchium reveals the meaning of its name and shows some of the diversity of flower colour and form within the genus.

Photography resource link: For inspiration, visit West Light Images, the photography of Utah's David C. Schultz.

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