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February 16, 2016: Botany Photo of the Day will return this spring with a new format similar to the new UBC Botanical Garden web site. In the meantime, please enjoy the restored content!

Ericameria nauseosa

Ericameria nauseosa

Updated February 24, 2006 at 2:17pm PST: Changed name from Chrysothamnus nauseosus to Ericameria nauseosa after reviewing Nesom, G and Baird, G. 1993. Completion of Ericameria (Asteraceae: Astereae), Diminution of Chrysothamnus. Phytologia. 75(1): 74-93. – Daniel

Today's photograph is courtesy of Maureen from Montana, aka MontanaRaven@Flickr, who shared it via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Group Pool (Flickr posting). Maureen also shares her thoughts and photographs on her excellent weblog, raven's nest, which is certainly worth your time to investigate. Many thanks, Maureen!

Rabbitbrush was previously featured on BPotD in this entry. I enjoy Maureen's photograph as a companion to the images from that entry, particularly because the colours are tonally opposite. In accompaniment to the photograph, Maureen wrote: “these are the seedheads that persist throughout the winter, giving this low growing shrub a fluffy, cloudlike character that adds winter interest.”

Photography resource link: A Great Mouth for a Picture, an opinion piece by Niall Benvie for Nature Photographers Online. “Perhaps the single most important attribute of a “fine nature photograph” is its ability to engage the viewer’s intellect as well as their heart, to lead them into lines of enquiry about what is happening beyond the frame.”


Was going to ask what's nauseating about this plant, but I see that's explained at it's previous BPotD entry . . .

Hi Daniel - on the earlier BPotD entry you mentioned:

"I should mention for the sake of being complete that some taxonomists have placed this species in the genus Ericameria instead of Chrysothamnus, so after I review some of the literature, I may have to change the name of this entry"

What was the outcome of your review? - I presume from the title of this page you went for no change, but I'd be interested to hear the reasons. The papers proposing the move are cited here:
but I don't have access to them so can't know what they're saying.

Michael, thanks for the reminder. I'm having what looks like to be the key paper sent to me through the university system.

Michael - finally did as I said I would! Changed the name.

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