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Malus 'Jonagold'

Malus 'Jonagold'

The Apple Festival is on today and tomorrow. If numbers of people visiting the garden is the measure, it's the biggest event of the year (and certainly one of the biggest within the entire university) – I do have to say that 13,000kg (28,000lbs) of apples is quite a sight. Anyway, you'll have to excuse me if I've been a bit brief recently and for possibly being abbreviated the next couple days.

The 'Jonagold' apple is a half-sibling to 'Elstar', as it also has 'Golden Delicious' as one parent, with 'Jonathan' as the other. 'Jonagold' was introduced by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, and later received an “Outstanding Fruit Culitvar Award” from the American Society for Horticulture Science.

Botany resource link: Plant Hormones goes into great detail into the chemistry and physiological effects of plant growth regulators.


Lovely, but what does it taste like?
These days so many fruits and vegetables are grown for their appearance and ability to withstand shipping with little concern for their organoleptic qualities.
If you have one could you include a comment on taste?

I like them, and I find they have a moderate sweet taste. Here's a decent description of it: 'Jonagold' apple. I think you'll find a lot of agreement that taste and fragrance have been bred out of far too many commercial fruits. One of the great things about the Apple Festival is the tasting tent, with over 70 different kinds of apples to try – it's a great way for people to have truly tasty apples, even if they don't “ship well” or look “perfect”.

I tasted Jonagold for the first time a few years back, at the UBC Apple Festival. I've enjoyed it ever since and am glad it is readily available in our local produce departments.

I grow Jonagold apples in the Seattle area, and have to say they are by far one of my favorite apples. Easy to grow, heavy producer, sweet and crispy for fresh eating, and bakes up perfectly as well. I highly recommend it.

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