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Disanthus cercidifolius

Disanthus cercidifolius

The specific epithet for redbud hazel, cercidifolius, implies that the “leaves are of Cercis”; the resemblance is such that a quick glance at the shrub can lead to misidentification during certain times of the year. However, when the chlorophyll in the leaves of Disanthus cercidifolius begins to break down, a panoply of colours are revealed dissimilar to the autumn colours of Cercis.

The genus Disanthus is monotypic, meaning it contains only one species (compare with a monotypic family – it would only contain one genus, like the Nepenthaceae). Similarly, it is recognized that Disanthus has no close relatives within the witch-hazel family, relatively speaking. For more on its phylogenetic relationships, see: Li et al. 1999. Phylogenetic relationships of the Hamamelidaceae inferred from sequences of internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of nuclear ribosomal DNA. Am. J. Bot. 86:1027-1037.

Photography resource link: The USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service Photo Gallery contains a suite of categorized photographs which are made available for use free of charge.


The USDA link has a bad href; you've got 'title= in the url.

And thanks for the wonderful site. It always makes me want to learn more about plants.

Thanks, Arteth, fixed. Had a ' instead of a ". And you're welcome.

Disanthus cercidifolius - Z8 - RHS Index of Garden Plants, Mark Griffiths

I don't know when BPOD was added to, because I've been relying on refdesk since it was established. But I am SO GLAD it was! Your site is one of the best for the English-speaking inhabitants of this planet. It makes me wish I had studied botany formally. Your site is surely the next best thing.

Thanks Kris for the kind comment.

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