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Musa velutina

Musa velutina

Many thanks to Ken McCown of California, who shared this photograph via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Group Pool. Ken took this image at El Nispero Zoo and Plant Nursery, in El Valle, Panama. Despite the location of this photograph, this species of banana is native to Assam, in northeast India.

Commonly named “hairy banana” in the USDA Plants Database, nearly every other site I found discussing this plant used a common name involving “pink banana”. The specific epithet velutina means “velvety”, so I find myself in agreement with the common name used by the University of Connecticut EEB Conservatory: velvet pink banana.

Speaking of names, it is unclear whether Musa velutina will retain its current name, or whether evidence will be gathered to support that this plant was first published as Musa dasycarpa Kurz. If the latter occurs, the notion of “priority” in botanical nomenclature kicks in, and the name may change. Simply put, the first validly published name is the name that is to be used in scientific discourse, despite Musa velutina being the name in use for over a century.

For an extensive account of bananas, see Morton, J. 1987. Banana. p. 29–46. In: Fruits of warm climates. Miami, FL.

Photography resource link: For inspiration, images of Missouri Botanical Garden taken by Shelley Powers, aka Burningbird.


How beautiful. I had never seen this plant. Many thanks for the photo.

I would like to see durian and if it has a flower and all other info thank you

meu Deus!!! q cores , banana!!!

I favor articles like this becaus they forever seem to give to you a totally different perspective on things. I'm no professional during this area however prefer to expand my information by reading things of this nature.

These are such an easy ornamental Banana to grow where I live in Sydney NSW Australia. The fruit is very hirsute covered in short fuzzy hairs.

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