10 responses to “Arisaema consanguineum”

  1. Susan Verkest

    I look forward to your picture of the day!

  2. Colleen Kilkenny

    Me too. What a great shot!

  3. Anthony

    Are there any aroids with edible berries?

  4. Bobbie

    Amazing! Definitely sharper and better contrast. I am fairly new to digital photograpy after being a 35mm amateur for many years. There is much to learn about digital “darkroom” and I appreciate these links as well as the pictures of the day.

  5. Faustina

    What an extraordinary sense of deep dimension and texture in a two dimensional image!
    “Consanguineum” –as in consanguinity–as in the Declaration of Independence? My first thought was “brother berries;” is there a common name connected to the formal name? Perhaps I’m off on a linguistic goose hunt…!
    Thanks for all of your incomparable offerings.

  6. Don Hinton

    Do the berries turn dark purple as it ages?

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Nope, not for this species, and I’ll have to check references to see if that does occur for others.

  8. Richard Labelle

    I’ve just purchased some Arisaema Consanguineum seeds at the UBC Botanical Gardens. On the packare there are instructions on how to plant and also has NB Poisonous. Can you tell me more about this? Is it safe to plant if I have cats and dogs?
    Thanking you in advance

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    I suspect it is the same sort of poison one would experience if one ate Arisaema triphyllum.

  10. evalyn morrison

    I look forward to the picture of the day and share with friends. Thank you

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