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Cypella herbertii

Cypella herbertii

“Goblet flower” is an iris-relative native to eastern South America. Each blossom lasts only one day, but an established plant can produce hundreds of flowers in a single summer. As it is also easy to grow, it is no wonder that this plant is a favourite of bulb enthusiasts.

Photographed yesterday afternoon in the South American section of the Alpine Garden, its orange tones mirror the seasonal shift in colours now perceptibly occurring in the garden.

Interested in other iris relatives? Check out Mauro Peixoto's Iridaceae of Brazil or Rodney Barton's North and South American Native Irids.

Photography resource link: Learning Photo Composition is a tidy assemblage of images illustrating some “compositional rules” of photography. The author of the site, John Harvey (a local photographer), has also written a few other pieces on Learning Photography.


Thank you for the beautiful photograph. I am from Canada and my parents when I was very young would take me to the Butchart Gardens. It was there that I developed a love and appreciate for botany and went on to get my education in Horticulture!! I am amazed DAILY at the wonderful world of Botany. . and you have said it perfectly. . beauty science, science beauty. Thank you for your website. Victoria

Thought I would mention that Mauro Peixoto's website: Brazilian Plants, also features many other Brazilian plant families, including gesneriads. Worth checking out!

I enjoyed looking at John Harvey's site -- thanks for that link.

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